For most, if not all of my life, every bathroom I’ve had came with just a shower curtain and a traditional tub. I always wanted either a shower door, walk in shower, or even both! It’s just so much nicer to see a glass shower door and easier. The shower curtain can always move to much and then stick out of the tub, making it so water gets all over the floor. I’ve always found this to be the most annoying. After talking to some experts, I started googling some ideas and came across All it took was me reading the website before I realized that I was going to do it. I was definitely going to remodel my shower.

The process of remodeling my shower was exhausting but worth it in the end. My shower looked great! I finally had the walk in tub that I always wanted and, most importantly, the glass sliding door. It was so easy to walk into the shower and not worry about water getting out and ruining my floor. Also, it was great that there was no need for a shower curtain because after awhile they can get really grimy and are hard to clean. Either you must take it off and wash it or buy a totally different one.

The biggest thing is that you should try to shop around for the best deal. Even though I did settle on the site I mentioned above, it doesn’t mean you have too! You can go with whatever works with you. Some things that work for one person may not work for the other. Just shop around, do research, make pro and con lists, or whatever you do. This way you can make sure you get the best deal and end up with something you enjoy.